Air Arabia customer care | Air Arabia official website and office address

Air Arabia customer care | Air Arabia official website and office address

Air Arabia customer care (helpline) to register complaints | Air  Arabia toll free number and office address, email address and official website

People of United Arab Emirates, also use low cost airlines and one such flight company is Air Arabia.  It is located near Sharjah. Its subsidiaries are Air Arabia Egypt, Air Arabia Maroc and Air Arabia Jordan. It offers flight services to 57 destinations.

Customer care executives of Air Arabia have got acquainted to hear the common problems faced by the passengers while using Air Arabia flights and they are language problems, rude behavior of staff, poor customer care service, loss of luggage, denied boarding, meal service issues, improperly trained staff, ticketing related issues, and others.

Writing a post card to Air Arabia Indian regional office, will require three  things. They are pen, post card, and the address to which it should be posted. It is Air Arabia address: Trade India Pvt. Ltd, DLF Building No.10 4th Floor Tower-A DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon- 122002, Haryana.

We all know that we need to be aware of the phone number of the people to whom we are calling, in order to make a call. Hence, there is much importance for writing down the phone number of Air Arabia as 124 4029400.

Who will give the reliable information about the Air Arabia company, at its best. The answer is well designed and well functional website www. gives it.

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  1. XXX

    Air Arbia airline is a low cost airline but how do they cover up their charges
    they steal goods from passenger baggages and make their money

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    I jus need to know your helpline number in INDIA where I can ask regarding how many times I can change my flight and what are the extra charges and what if I want to cancel any flight

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    My son, today missed the Airarabia flight,on health grounds.. Hyderabad-Sharjah-Kieve[ukraine] vide reservation number 22483508.He is a student & proceeding to join Medical college.
    please inform the procedure for using this ticket. Thank you.

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    please give customer care e mail address.

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  5. Narayanan

    Air Arabia’s customer service? Does one exisit? try calling their number and if you get anyone on line, you are the luckiest person on earth! Try sending complaints at their web site…its as good as stone lost in ocean. Good work Air Arabia!

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  6. arjun shrestha

    the air arabia flight number G90539 on 20th december at 17:00 which had scheduled to provide meal(chicken biryani) in the flight was not provided even after having requested to get it supplied to the passengers.

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  7. anil kumar reddy

    i lost my suitcase when i was travelled in AIR ARABIA G9 aircraft from bahrain-sharjah-hyderabad
    on february 1 st 2011
    i made a baggage claim complaint in hyderabad airport at the same time
    i am keep on calling the airport office regarding baggage lose

    but i did not get any response about my my baggage
    only i am wasting my phone calls money

    how do i solve this problem?

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  8. Dr Mahesh Shah

    —– Original Message —–
    From: jmahesh
    Sent: Thursday, February 03, 2011 5:10 PM
    Subject: hello

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    It is witgh great disappointment that I have to complain BITTERLY to you reg my Seats whilst returning back from Nairobi to Kenys.

    I HAD made EXTRA payment to pre-book my seats on 8A and 8B and whilst going to Mumbai we were allocated the booked saeets but whilst returning we got 10A and 10B ..the seats where we could not recline back due to the Emergency Exit behind the seats and so for sitting on these seats we really got stiff backs and have NOT yet recovered.Under the circumstances can we get back the EXTRA payment we did for this pre-booking seats.I hope you will be considerate enough to pay back this amount.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    Maheshchandra Meghji Shah & Smita Mahesh Shah

    MY flight details:

    NAIROBI / Sharjah
    Flight G90734 Status CNF

    Departure Sun, 16 Jan 2011 14:15
    Arrival Sun, 16 Jan 2011 20:10
    Check-in Sun, 16 Jan 2011 11:15

    Sharjah / Mumbai
    Flight G90403 Status CNF

    Departure Sun, 16 Jan 2011 23:50
    Arrival Mon, 17 Jan 2011 04:05
    Check-in Sun, 16 Jan 2011 20:50

    Mumbai / Sharjah
    Flight G90404 Status CNF

    Departure Wed, 02 Feb 2011 04:45
    Arrival Wed, 02 Feb 2011 06:30
    Check-in Wed, 02 Feb 2011 01:45

    Sharjah / NAIROBI
    Flight G90733 Status CNF

    Departure Wed, 02 Feb 2011 09:30
    Arrival Wed, 02 Feb 2011 13:35
    Check-in Wed, 02 Feb 2011 06:30

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  9. leena shibu george

    This is to bring to your kind attention that we fly regularly by Air Arabia. We had two confirmed tickets from SHARJAH to TRIVANDRUM on Thursday, 17th March 2011 – reservn nos. 23507021 and 23507095. But unfortunately we could not fly on the said date even after being given the boarding pass, the reason being that the Immigration system showed my visa as cancelled, although my visa was valid until 2013. They said that the problem could be rectified only at the main Dubai Immigration office, which would open only on Sunday morning(20th March). Accordingly, we went to the concerned office today, and found that my visa had not been updated in their system, because of which it was being shown as cancelled. The concerned problem has now been rectified. On 17th March, when we went to the Air Arabia office at Sharjah, they said that if we get a letter from the Immigration dept. our tickets could be postponed, especially since the fault was not on our part. But the Immigration dept. has refused to give us any such letter. Please let us know how you can help us out in this matter so that we do not lose the tickets.
    Thanking you,


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  10. James Dedicose

    Dear Sir

    I make a complaint against Air Arabia regarding totally damage of checked baggage at Trivandrum International Airport. But after three weeks nobody contacted me for enquiring the complaint. I have photos of my damaged baggage, if nobody is responding to my complaint I will publish it in News Papers and News Channels. The executive was Mr. Manikandan, and it was happened on May 10,2011 in G0 9441

    Best Regards

    James Dedicose
    Ticket no:23951700

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  11. Complaint against local office in trivandrum

    I have called them at 2339251-55, but no one is attending my phone calls. This is not a good customer service. I want to know about visit visa procedures.

    Why you have provided 5 numbers which is not make any sense.

    Please sort out this.

    My contact number is 9847831612

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  12. climans

    Dear sir
    It is given in the website 5 land phone number of trivandrum office i e 2339251-55 , but this numbers are not in use 🙂 i want to know about my cancelled ticket that is with me having AED 300

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  13. Ankit patel

    Hi! I am in nairobi this time. I came 28 may india to here. My return ticket 28 june but i have emergancy go back india but airarabia customer care told me a past wednesday system down and next wednesday coming but it’s not working yet. What’s me doing? How possible flight system not working? Plz give replay. I need go back india. My ticket no.27578317.plz help me. Akki

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  14. Ramesh Kini

    I traveled from Istanbul to Ahmedabad via Sharjah on 28th/29th June 2012, and they “lost” my bag — when they found it and returned it after 3 days (they sent it by a private bus carrier and I had to go to their office yo claim my bag, but the Cambata Aviation people gave me the locket/docket number only after 3 phone calls) all wrapped up in plastic, I opened it only to find the following items missing:
    * a 8 GB flash drive with all the most recent files I had been working on for months before and during my conference in Istanbul, which was given to me by my son as a birthday gift (how the flipping hell am I going to recover these files?!);
    * 3 cans of Turkish and Russian beer (out of 5 cans which I had bought for an old pre-diabetic uncle of mine who loves these exotic beer cans I bring back when I visit India — he is allowed to cheat on his strict diet only when I visit once a year or so);
    * about 5-10 USD in loose change in tenge, lira, etc.
    The Cambata Aviation ground staff in Ahmedabad are very lax, incompetent and complacent and downright rude when asked for information or to act. While I am not 100% sure that they stole stuff from my bag, I have no other explanation forthcoming from them, besides the utter rot that they trot out. For instance, they tell me I cannot bring beer into Gujarat because it is a “dry state” (nonsense — I am in transit and due to leave for Bangalore 3-4 days after my arrival and the beer is not meant for consumption in Gujarat).
    Who in Air Arabia cares enough to act on this and the above complaints remains to be seen.
    Till then I will pursue every channel or option open to me as an aggrieved and really aggravated passenger.
    Ramesh Kini

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  15. sagar

    hi my name is sagar, i want to tell you , your airline is low cost so thats why you also not take care
    about the custamor i lost my baggage from your mistake. and after the one month i am not
    get any compansasation and good replay what i do? i clearly tell you that i go at consumer form
    if you not give me replay and claim amount soon. your airline is very third class about service

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  16. jesu jayaseelan

    my luggage(cartoon box) missining in date is28-1-2012mor2-30am inn chennai airport, when i was travelled in AIR ARABIA -sharjah- chennai intl missing in 1 week ready untill no responce in airarabia and chennai intl dout is now my luggage shy or chennai airport?
    i made a baggage claim complaint in chennai intl airport at the same time
    i am keep on calling the airport office regarding baggage lose in my cartoon box missing.the main fault is shj airport my lable(tag)is no pasted in sj airport.pls idfy only my pasport num im write is carton box(z 1583143 and my name jayaselan) pls reply and inform in my mobil num pls 9840527139 this num …….. jesu jayaseelan

    but i did not get any response about my my baggage
    only i am wasting my phone calls money

    how do i solve this problem?

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  17. SD Simon

    Air Arabia Services are non senses ! The Air hostesses are very impolite, they didn’t learn how to respect the passengers.

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  18. Nazar K.A.

    I happened to travel on Airarabia on 6th Aug ’13 Doh-Shj-Kochi, Transit at Shj was 1 HR. I ended up in Shj for 18hrs since the flight was rescheduled due to rain in Kerala. I was not provided any Accom. or even proper food, I was literly standraded at the Airport, The staff of Airarabia was very arogant and not at all helpful.
    A night mare I could not forget. Never will travel with Airarabia agin.

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  19. Heena

    We were booked on an air arabia flight on 27 th april from disaster zone , earthquake struck city of Kathmandu nepal …. Helpless aimlessly we sat down at the airport the day before for 10 hours on 26 th april ….on 27th early morning we did a booking with air Arabia to Sharjah 4 seats we had taken our chance to fly the same night on 27 th april….the battle towards the inside of the crowded catotic airport fighting our way in was horrible with our kids …. hours and hours of waiting without any help from air arabia staff , without even been asked for a glass of water we waited in the long queue untill we got to know out flights might nt take off at all ….. air arabia ground crew was nt at all friendly nor willing to help a bit so finally we cancelled out bookings with air Arabia….. Now next wht to do ….. Totally confused we requested Jet Airways staff to put us on a flight any where out of there to just leave this horrifying black hole to death ….. We had a booking of jet airways from Kathmandu – delhi – abu dhabi for 29 th april ….. The ground staff wAs so kind to pre-pond our booking and give a re routed flight from Kathmandu to mumbai and then abu dhabi …. Thank god someone believed in humanity …..they put us onto the extra flight that diverted crom delhi .thank god we got back safely to abu dhabi but when i tried contacting Air Arabia for refunds they refused a refund and said madam we will credit it for one year ….. l No refunds for a flight they Themselves cancelled out of the fear to an earthquake … was ur flights cancelling out we were willing waiting though u did nt care …
    I went to air arabia office in abu dhabi for a refund ….Sent emails ….call practically everyday … But all i get an answer is u guys working on it …. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE ??????

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