Ashok Leyland customer care | Ashok Leyland official website and helpline to register complaints

Ashok Leyland customer care | Ashok Leyland  official website and helpline to register complaints

Ashok Leyland customer care (helpline) to register complaints | Ashok Leyland toll free number and office address, email address and official website

People who are in search of contact details of Ashok Leyland can contact them at the below address. No.1, Sardar Patel road, Guindy, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India is the address of Ashok Leyland. One phone call to 44 22206000 and 44 22207000 can give the answers to people’s problems. www. is designed to help out the people with various information like prices, quality, nearby stores and other details about the vehicles manufactured by Ashok Leyland company.

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  1. kamal Kumar Palei

    Dear Sir,

    I am the transport manager of C.V.Raman College of Engineering,Bhubaneswar,Orissa.We have purchased ten nos.of school buses last six months in the name of Raman Education Society,C/O-C.V.Raman College of Engineering.Out of ten buses ,one bus i.e (chassis no-MB1PAEFCAETC9146 nad Engine N0-TAH626847)during the running time at National Highway,the direct/cutter bott is out from the steering sections .So ,the bus is out of controll and very luckly or you can say GOD blessing,it controlled by the driver saved from the biggest accidents.That time 15 nos of students are in bus .We complained to the companies staffs,but they ignored.So the bus is detained for three days on the National Highway.After too much request ,they send their service engineer and they correct it.So we request you,kindly inform your service engineer or any technical ckeck other nine buses ,we can save any other accident.The other nine buses engine and chassis number are given belows.
    Chassis No Engine No
    MB1PEAFCXAETC9322 TAH625553
    MB1PEAFCOAETC9197 TAH626320
    MB1PEAFC2AETC9198 TAH625382
    MB1PEFLXAEND3685 TAH638759
    MB1PEAFC-7AESC9968 TAH628658
    MB1PAEFC5AEND3643 SAH629780
    MB1PAEFC4AEPD1386 TAH626426
    MB1PAEFC5AETC9246 TAH676844
    MB1PAEFCOAETC08957 TAH626344

    C.V.Raman College of Engineering

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  2. A.RAGHU

    dear sir.i was holding 1200 shares when announced a dividend of rs 1.50 in the year aug-2007.I have not recieved the dividend so dp account(depository participant)number is-11045854.having demat account at AB money,madurai(demat a/c number-710624) and i am operating my demat account through axis bank account (a/c number-109010100188760),madurai-good shed street branch.
    i request you to consider my obligation and my dividend which is pending may be credited to the above said axis bank account or a cheque /DD may be sent to my present residential address.

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  3. Dinesh Bhaskaran

    This is regarding our 5 Ashok Leyland Buses in which three of them had been purchased last year and that is in the warranty period also(Model 2008,66 seater Falcon bus, Date of Purchase 31st July 2010). All these buses have serious mechanical problems and we are spending more money to rectify that. Even though the cost of maintenance is very high, maintenance and periodic services were carried out in your authorized service centre Ibin Ajayan Doha Qatar.
    Due to starting trouble one of the bus (chassis number MB19BEJB482132399) send to your service centre (Ibin Ajayan) on 19th April 2011 and the defect rectified and released on 25th evening. The very next day morning (26th April 2011)the vehicle got over heated and the same had been send to your authorized service centre . When I contacted the garage they told that the same was happened due to mixing of oil with radiator coolant. The vehicle is in the warranty period and the defect will be rectified free of cost. One of our group company vehicles were also send to the same service centre due to the same fault.
    On 3rd May 2011 when I personally went to the service centre, the Service manager told me that somebody poured stones with water in the engine and due to that, oil and coolant contaminated in the radiator. I got one inspection report from the Sales Manager stating the minor damages of the other vehicle and our vehicle have no abnormalities and the contamination can be cleared. The manager took me inside the garage and there I saw the bus belong to us and found some stones out of which some of them were in white colour, at the top of the engine parts. The version of the Service Manager is that the same might be happened in our Camp premises. Since we are parking our vehicles in the premises of our camp with 24 hours security service, there is no possibility of mal practices as alleged.
    They alleged that the vehicles belongs to the same group of companies got the same defect and that happened due to the same reason. As our Camps were located in two distant locations, the incident as alleged by the Service centre cannot be happened.
    As I already stated the vehicle is in the warranty period and in order to avoid free maintenance, the Service centre is trying to hide the actual defect and making such a fixatious story . So we invite the Company’s attention in this matter and do the needful to resolve this problem.

    Your Sincerely,

    Dinesh Bhaskaran
    HR Executive
    Progressive Trading&Contracting
    (A Division of Diplomat Group W.L.L)
    PB No. 55379.
    Doha Qatar
    Fax: +97444697677
    Mob: +97477222046
    e-mail :

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  4. Manju Lata Sharma

    The Managing Director,
    Ashoka Leyland Company,

    Respected Sir,
    I have bought a 40 seater bus from the Rajesh Motors, Alwar in October 2010 but since when I have bought the bus I am daily facing on or one another problem, even the heads of company are also not trying to solve any problem. They have never given me any satisfactory answer and always misbehavers. Now it seems to me that it’s a big fault of my business carrier to buy a Leyland com. Bus. I have many problems regarding the bus and your company, which lastly I am dictating to you are as follows:
    1. The electronic system of the back wheels of the bus has been done simple. Tell me sir I would have to buy a simple wheel system why I had bought an electronic one.
    2. The head lights of the bus were already not working at the time of purchasing. But at that time there were no other lights in the stock so on their promise of changing it later I have bought it. But later they have denyed clearly.
    3. The clich plate of the bus did not work even for six months.
    4. As I have bought the bus in Oct 2010 the battery of it was of march 2010 when I have made it in their notice they told me, “Don’t worry we are here to solve out if any problem comes.”
    Tell me sir is it the process of your company to give six month old battery with a new bus. Because of the rude behaviour of your company engineer and sales head it has become quite difficult to handle the bus and to pay the instalments of it. Sir, I our area nobody prefers to buy a Leyland bus and after the such a bad experience of mine no body will to buy it in dreams at all.

    I hove to you to help me and short our my problems taking the right action. As soon as possible.

    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully

    Manju Lata Sharma
    Malwa Travels, Alwar
    Mobile : 9414232020

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  5. Ramkrishna

    Dear sir
    I would like to inform you that I have purchased one New heera combine machine from Ram chand & Sons Distt- Patiala City- Nama Punjab whose engine is Ashok Leyland Made this is purchased on 23-09-2011 in Nama Punjab that engines R.P.M Meter was already faulted any other problems are in it like after starting the engine it was making white gas to much and to much consumption of diesel we would informed company and they would informed you and we talk to punjabs dealer mariyappan and he give us M.P dealer number then we contact ravi kumar and manoj singh atleast 10 times and he sents one technician afters many months he checked engines and says this engine’s timing is out then he repaired it but no fixing of R.P.M Meter then white gas exemption is less but when no good setting of timing we started at load I would exits oil from cover then we again complaints to your M.P Dealer but he would not attend any complaints and nobody comes for servicing then we changed the oil after six months when that technician comes for setting of Timing out then I say him to call his boss then one technician came after six months after service they tell me more payment they kept bill then I I ordered one air filter and some pipes and tell him that I will give you payment after delivery of goods then he cannot came back then I talk to Mr Manoj they tell me for payment of service then I made a payment of 7150/- in the account of chhabra marine spares A/C no 497405040050019 of Union Bank then he ask me that your engine is replaced very soon dear sir I request you that I have borrowed loan from bank for this machine for my children this machine is sir working please help me the engine is faulted after purchasing I called several times for this but no one has listen me if no reply of this E-Mail in 3 Days then I will do go to Punjab’s Patiala consumer court for attempt case on you ,My Engine no is RBEM095772, old complaint nu is 15061214084411.
    Your M.P Dealer is not Helping us and not giving any parts so please sir give your attention to me .

    Date Regards
    04/08/2012 Ramkrishna and Datar singh
    Bhopal (M.P)
    Mob- 9754223068
    H no 417 Milk Dairy Kanasayia Road Kokta
    Bhopal (M.P)

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  6. Palanivel

    I purchased Ashok Leyland 1012 recently from TVS Namkkal, Tamil Nadu on 8th Aug 2012 (Chasis number: MB1ANJFC5CRTG4996, Engine number: CTEZ204291) and it was discovered by Ashok Leyland technicians during a trial run that FRONT TWO WHEELS were heating up abnormally (58oC) within 18 KM of run.

    Unfortunately, I will not be able to use the vehicle until thisl tyre heating problem is resolved. I am hoping that Ahsok Leyland will do the needful.


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  7. Jaganathan

    I had purchased Ashok Leyland 1012 from TVS Namkkal, Tamil Nadu on 30th Apr 2012 (Chasis number: MB1ASJFCRYF9399, Engine number: CYEZ201648) but only ran 450 KM with a normal load of 8 ton or less and one of FRONT WHEEL burst due to overheating.

    I had been incurring financial loss due to non-usability of the vehicle and expect that Ashok Leyland assists me with a suitable solution for this problem.


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  8. Lennin mudawapi


    we bought two ashok leyland dost light vehicle trucks last year ,they were runninig fine until they started showing engine sign written service in it .We changed filters bt the light ddnt go off ,eventualy the car wl lose revs when driving until it refuses to rev at all .Now the car has swichted off of and wnt start ,anyone with an idea what could cause this am stuck nw the trucks are parked ,pliz help so i put them back on the road ,thanx. Lennin.

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  9. Lennin mudawapi


    we bought two ashok leyland dost light vehicle trucks last year ,they were runninig fine until they started showing engine sign written service in it .We changed filters bt the light ddnt go off ,eventualy the car wl lose revs when driving until it refuses to rev at all .Now the car has swichted off of and wnt start ,anyone with an idea what could cause this am stuck nw the trucks are parked ,pliz help so i put them back on the road ,thanx. Lennin.

    +263 774464908

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