Fiat India customer care | Fiat India official website and email address

Fiat India customer care | Fiat India official website and email address

Fiat India customer care (helpline) to register complaints | Fiat India toll free number and office address, email address and official website

Fiat India is a joint venture between Fiat group automobiles and Tata Motors limited. It was started on January 2nd, 1997. Fiat company owns five international standard brands and it is in top position in automobiles field.

Fiat India had failed to provide expert services to the customers in the regions like defective tyres, horrible back shocks, worst service, fuel efficiency, gear problems and service in the warranty period.
Fiat India regional office is dwelled at B-19, Ranjangaon ,MIDC Industrial Area, Shirur taluka, Ranjangaon – 412210, Maharashtra ,India. It is possible for everyone to meet the authorities and get their problem solved. So such people can contact them through 2138- 672700 and 232144.
Educated people search for shortest process and easy one for knowing any information. The best shortest process is to just sit over internet and to know about Fiat, they need to enter www.

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  1. sreejith Chandran

    I am writing this with extreme frustration with the level of service i am receiving from Mohandas motors vazhayila trivandrum.

    My vehicle, Fiat Palio numbered TN 74 H 9070, was given for service on 15th February to Mohandas Motors. after examining the vehicle, engine oil leak was identified. i received my vehicle back after replacing lot of spare parts and fully rectified on 22nd Feb. I had to travel 25 Kms to the service centre to get it against the promised office delivery. I paid around Rs. 10800 as the bill.
    On 26th i realized , the oil leak still exists and the whole oil filled was exhausted. This was informed right away to Vishnu( service coordinator, who has been handling my case). By 26th night Vishnu along with a mechanic comes and identifies that the leak still exists and one of the seals replaced has broken/ not fixed properly. they takes the car back to service station.
    The car was promised to be given 27th evening and in the evening they identifies another issue on injector which is told to be replaced . There was never an issue with injector while giving the car for service. More frustrating is all these happens when i need my car the most as my wedding was planned on 6th March. this urgency was clearly communicated first time itself.
    They gave me the car back on 1st March and I realize the car work likes a tractor and AC not working. I gave the car back then and there and this was reported to Works Manager Jacob Koshy. In all these I had to make travel to the service station multiple times. Jacob Promises that he will give me the car back in the same condition with AC working and no engine missing and Oil leak. I get the car back on 3rd march and after running for 5 Kms Ac stopped working again. I gave the car again 2 time to correct it on 3rd march and on 25th March. I had to pay 3500 Rs. for changing the Ac switch- Remember , there was no issue with the AC when the car was given for service initially. I receives the car on 25th evening after Mohandas team repairing it for the 6th time. I had to travel to Mohandas after my office hours at 8 pm to collect the car. I collected the car and drove half KM to identify that AC is not working again. I am extremely fed up with this. I don’t know what to do now. For the last 45 days I have been chasing Mohandas to fix the issues with my car and I already paid 15000 Rs. .

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  2. Ajay Kumar


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    • T Radhakrishnan

      Fiat vehicle is good but service provided by fiat team is very poor and worst. They never give care about customer complaints
      I explain my experience with fiat
      I purchased a FIAT punto ,Chassis No.MCA11835507004633HPZ , I faced problem with mileage (from second service 30000)and tire wear out steering centralizing problem after 3 month of purchase. For this I visited the service center last 20month,(more than 20 times, every month one time )and lost my 6 tiers by inter changing the tire in the fiat workshop .Every time they do some mechanical adjustment and some parts replacement ,problem repeated About this problem, no one could diagnose the cause of tire wear out till . I purchased the car from kulathungal motors Trivandrum and every time I visit the service centre, only a single engineer handle my problem and he can’t diagnose the complaint tire wear out and steering centralization. I gave a long time for rectifying my problem and spent fuel expense Rs. 7000 for mileage checking and Rs. 24000 for replacing 4 tiers, two tiers replaced from company side. Last time I met the Customer Relation Manager Mrs. Hasmina Vinod to solve my problem. But she confirmed me that it’s hard to repair and they couldn’t rectify this permanently. She said that, they forward this call to Fiat. I registered a complaint to fiat people ,they replied to contact Rajesh Hariharan south region head to handle my problem .while calling him ,he replied to contact Area Service Manager Karthik Johan .He came and check the vehicle, found the problem and do some mechanical adjustment replaced front 2 tiers for testing purpose .After the replacement ,when I completed the 500km the problem tire wear out started and become severe now 16-10-2012 .This service process is starting three months from the date of purchase (05-10-2009) and still continuing .I am given long time for rectifying my problem but this people can’t disorganize my problem till today. Now I have strong feeling that this is a manufacturing defect. I ask this people to replace my car.

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  3. Ajay Kumar

    I purchased fiat punto in exchange offer in the month of December, 2010 from Joshi Auto Jone, Chandigarh. During the time of settlement of exchange offer , I was assured that the change of registeration of the old vehicle will be delievered to you as and when it was sold to another coustmer. After a month when I enquired from the sales officer concerned he told me that my old zen 2000 has been sold to someone in Punjab. I requested him to send me the change of ownership certificate (Registration Certificate) of the new owner. But the sales officer did not feel it necessary to send me the copy of the new RC of my old vehicle till yet despite my various reminders. Even now he stops attending my phone call. I request your goodself to make it possible to deliever the copy of the change of ownership certificate (Registration Certificate) of my old vehicle i.e. Zen car.
    yours sinerely,

    Ajay Kumar

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  4. satyajit Hota

    Is this the official web site of Fiat India to register complains ?If not how it helps the customerto sort out their problems ?

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  5. Premasish Guha.

    I am writing this to inform higher authority regarding the service receive from service centre of Lexus Motor Ltd kolkata West Bengal. & sending following spare parts as very urgent basis.

    My vehicle Punto,active diesel, No-WB 20U 7071.(Engine No.0066992,chasis no.MCA11815E07013133BNZ) was given 1st free service in the month march , 2011,after service next day i taken my car to service centre to solve horn & coolent problem. I paid around Rs.9000 as the bill for 1st sevice.
    on 16.05.2011. at the time of travelling i found A.C. is not woking .Then taken my car to service centre .in the service station after checking i (which is casually,)it was informed A.C problem due to leakage of gas pipe (Flex.hose,No-0051813066.)& have replace it ,but they have no stock.they have given order.& told me it will taken 15 to 30 days to receive it .in the summer season how long I can wait for this when I have purchesed the car just One year back. I would request you please send the above parts as very eargent basis.
    In this connection I am to state some following points which is observed by me.
    1.There are no Qualified A.C.technician in the service station for this car.
    2.Service supervisor are not serious with client complain.
    3.They are not properly checked my car.

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    The General manager

    B-19, Ranjangaon MIDC Industrial Area,
    Ranjangaon – 412210.
    Taluka – Shirur,
    Dist. – Pune,

    Subject: compliant regard defected delivery of vehicle
    I had purchased fiat punto active model on 5 th of march 2012 having Engine no. 0195875 from your authorized dealer PAWA MOTORS International Showroom C 93 Wazirpur industrial area, main ring road Delhi- 110052 against cash payment . I had took the delivery of vehile from sales executive MR. Gulshan and he assured me that said vehile is in perfect condition . On the assurance of PAWA MOTORS I had took the delivery but after running the car I had felt AIR CUTTING sound inside the car . I had informed same to MR. GULSHAN on 6th of march . He assured me that we will help you in this defect .
    When I took the car to the PAWA MOTORS they said we will check the said vehile . they had took the car on 12th of march and tried so many test drives of car but they did not get the solution of the defect from the last 3 days and not gave me any satisfactory answer.
    I had payed the whole payment and yet I am suffering . I am working as ADVOCATE in delhi courts and I have to go in the different courts so, I need a vehice a lot but due to the defect in you manufactured car I had suffered . Now , I want to request you please change my car as soon as possible . this is not only the issues of defective car but also about the prestige of FIATCOMPANY . If I had drawn faith upon you , you are also under the social obligation as well as legal to solve my problem and change the said car to avoid the future litigation.
    I hope that sir you will take action very soon and give me a good performance about my problem

    PARDEEP SHEORAN (advocate)
    MOB. 8745000533 .

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  7. sanoj

    my punto’s muflaire has broken,i informed the fiat centre.but till now,i could not get.and also give any discount for muflailre

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  8. sanoj


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  9. mukesh pillai

    Sorry to write again,

    But the problem seems to be never ending. …
    Brake noise is still there – even after getting the car to your service center for more than 4 times…. Brakes are not effective either… have been telling your staff about the same for all 4 times I have visited your service center – my car was with your service center 2-3 days on every occasion I have got my car…. But all in vain…

    This can be only possible in 2 scenario – 1. Your people/service engineers are not competent enough. 2. To make the problem bigger to charge bigger.

    Let me tell you very honestly – if I happen to meet with an accident due to brake failure or braking reason – pandit automobile will be responsible, I am marking a mail copy to my wife – so that she is aware whom to catch hold if my car brake fails…..

    If I don’t see any action this time I would mark a copy to police commissioner – stating that we are driving car with such dangers and no safety be cared by car dealers…..

    Above all – your staff are very rude – one Ms. CRO – Chaitania is aware of the name – she pretended as if its my mistake of not taking test ride, I had told her that I got to rush for a meeting please attend my problem but she went away with her friend chatting, hence I had to leave car with swapnil without giving test ride, also this kind of formalities were done thrice before without any result –my point is you all should be knowledgeable enough to find the problem and how to solve them too – and not force customers to have test ride – because test ride do not make us know that car is safe – as we are not the engineers and mechanic to know how safe the car is and there are no mechanical problem….. we pay you for service because you all know the trick and we don’t play with dangers…..

    Above all please tell your staff to be kind to customers as I can do without pandit auto – but you may not do well if many more customer walk away like me……

    From: mukesh []
    Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2012 3:23 PM
    To: ‘’
    Cc: ‘’
    Subject: mh-12-gr-5170

    Dear Mr. Sathe,

    I had visited your service center last week – with a complain that my car was not serviced properly…. If you remember – my name is mukesh pillai – owner of bombay glaze – the façade engg.

    Before I put down my story in details – let me thank you and chaitania for addressing my problem and solving them after many attempts with other engineers…. I don’t know them and no complain against them…..

    But I would like to appreciate chaitania for his valid efforts, selfless efforts and making me feel comfortable throughout last one week and giving me my car back in satisfactory level – though I pressuried him to give me car in couple of days, he took his time to get the work done right……and also kept me posted on what was happening during WIP…..
    He has been cam, composed and had been patient enough to listen to my anger and take me through a comfortable zone to get my car serviced…… he is an asset to your organization and can be nourished well for future responsibilities…. Good job chaitania….

    I have gone through all my service with pandit automobiles since last one year – and I found many of your staff being rude – whenever I use to call for service appointment I used to feel as if I had made a mistake by buying a car from these place – I use to request them n numberable time to give me a earlier date as I have immense driving across other states and I don’t want to face any problem, but they use to give me a recorded answer – we got this date – if interested let me know or call later ….. that’s not I call as a service….

    Again during my 2rd service I was not told about changing of brake pad and other basic requirement – and then when I went for my hydrabad trip – brake started making screeching noise but I had to drive down and ultimately when I reached pune – I had to bear a huge cost for which could have be cut down by substantial amount… for that service also I had to wait for 20 odd days… and I had to work without a car for these many days – now that’s unfair – I had told your service booking numbers about these urgency but they ignored…… since then I have never recommended fiat car for anyone – I was planning to buy a car for my wife and I ended up choosing Hyundai for the same…….

    Here also when I entered into your service center this time for asking for a help I could not find which pillar to bang my head, and when I saw a board mentioning your all name and number I had called up those number and did not get any reply – when I went around your office and showroom I came to know that you were all busy with a new car launch… and I had to return with getting attended by anyone….. there also chaitania helped me with a temporary solutions…. And asked me to know down next-time with an appointment – but I could not get through any of your landline number – then again I enter your workshop and landed up at Mr. Sathe’s cabin asking for an immediate attention before I lose my confidence on you all

    Why am writing this all this……. For 2 reason…
    1. Please support the customers who pays lakhs to buy a car with a purpose and he drives car with peace of mind.
    2. Support good people like chaitania so that others do feel that good works are always rewarded and there are benefits of giving 100% at work…..

    Believe me I have found 2 good people within your company – sushant – from sales and chaitania from service …. They both have been answering all my calls and have been helping me with any issues and services…..

    Sushant though not being in sales have guided my everytime I visit your service center (not lessthan 6 times) – helping me to located right people with right attitude…….

    Thanks to sushant and chaitania for all these help….. please convey my regards to them….. and anticipate that other will join this group sooner….

    Thank you all….

    With kind regards….
    Mukesh Pillai

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  10. Shrikrishna

    Dear Sir/Madam-

    I brought FIAT LINEA (MH05 AX 6115) car on 29-Dec-2011, and within 3 month (on 23-March-2012) my car steering oil pipe got leaked/damaged automatically. I gave my car to BALAJI SERVICE CENTER, KALYAN to replace the oil pipe, after 4 days they are giving me an excuse that due to year ending audit they are not getting spare parts from FIAT.

    This is really really hopeless services from FIAT/TATA/BALAJI KALYAN, to just oil pipe replacemen, and for BIG problem god knows.

    I hope that FIAT should give priority to their customer problem than year ending spare part inventory.

    Could you please look into matter to resolve my issue ASAP.


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  11. Rajat

    In Jun 2010, car got repaired at HIM Motors, Peeragarhi, Delhi and the AC unit was changed and in Aug 2011 the third service was done. However, the tech only checked the external parts and nothing was checked internally. Now, after the warranty has expired and the AC coil is leaking. I have been told that it’s an internal part and is not checked during the free services. How strange is it and how unresponsible your dealers are? This problem had been reported since the car was within warranty rather much before the same. In Jun ’10 and Aug ’10 it was reported and was rectified. I have picked my car from the service station in protest and have also marked myself as an unsatisfied customer. They quoted Rs 600 repair charges when this should have been done for free because this issue has been in existence since last year. Now, when warranty has expired noone is entertaining me for the problem which was reported 2 times within warranty period.

    Can anyone care to replace the AC coil for free because the same problem had been reported while I have been in my warranty period.

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    i m sures prajapti deesa (b.k) gujrat
    my complain to gajanan motor palanpur and fiar moter ondia
    i parches fiat lenia
    than my lenia accidant 2012 april 4
    i claim insorans
    gajanan moter (mohitbhai and visnu) promise 22 april back mr lenia
    but til than today my lenia not back and not proprly answer
    today 19 jun 2012
    so how r stap for fait india and gajanan moter palanpur
    please reply

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  13. Surya

    Dear Sir,
    I have bought a GP Active last month from the Prerana motors, Bangalore showroom. Though the initial experience with the sales (TEST Drive) was good the delivery of the vehicle was not satisfactory. i had to change my color selection several times because of stock availability and delay in delivery of the vehicle. After one week of delivery i had requested for a fitment (Accessories) to be fitted in the car for which i was told to leave the car at the showroom, but when taking delivery for my surprise the door mats were missing, CD’s/DVD’s missing, a big mess with the Audio system all controls were disturbed. when i asked for this i got reply that it was like that before only. After few days i visited Prerana Service Centre in Kudlugate, Bangalore Prerana Service where i was made to wait for 45 minutes in reception waiting for somebody to speak to me. finally i got one person to talk to me i explained him the problem with the vehicle but the technician was very rude and told me to leav the vehcile for 3 to 4 days for the inspection and later they will inform me. i took my car back and left the service station immediately decided not to get it done there.

    Is this the way to behave with a customer ? FIAT – My question to you is why do you sell vehciles in JV with others with a service like this..


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  14. Rishi

    I purchased a fiat grande punto active from hyson motors trichur kerala, on 09/7/2012. After the delivery of the car I went home happily as a proud owner of punto. But as soon as I reached home I started to have doubts about the quality of the car delivered to me. My key wasn’t working on the doors. I couldn’t just turn the keys to lock the doors and also I found that the beading on the window of left door in the front was having a gap and water was seeping into the door through it. I was stunned by the fact that they haven’t even checked the doors before delivering the car. I immediately contacted the dealers and they apologized for the inconvenience and asked me to bring the car next day to the service center. I went to the service center and brought all these things to their notice. Things which they told will take about an hour took almost 5 hours to complete. I checked the car again and found the beading was still having a gap. I called the person responsible and he explained that it’s normal to have a gap there and water won’t enter through it. Happy with the explanation I took the car back home and next day came to my workplace which is some 100km away from the place. Next day I noticed that water is indeed entering inside the doors. Then the worse happened. I went for a drive and on my way back when I tried to start the engine, my key wasn’t working. I couldn’t lock the doors or turn on the engine. For about 15 minutes we got stuck. But to my relief it started to work again by itself. I tried all the numbers given in road side assistance booklet but none was picking up. I again called the dealers and now they are telling me to bring the car again to the service center which is 100km away from my place. The dealers had agreed to paint the front of ORVMs in body color as an offer. But they painted it directly on the rough surface and it now seems to be uglier than before. I had told dealers to fit a remote control for the central locking which they agreed to do it before the delivery. Now they say they don’t have stock and I have been waiting for the past 3 weeks for their call. I should say that I am terribly disappointed with the quality of service. I expected more from a company that has an international reputation. I am happy with the other aspects of the car and it’s really a wonderful ride. But these niggles take the joy out of the car. Now I have started regretting about the decision to buy a Fiat instead of a maruti or a Toyota both of which offers great aftersales service.

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  15. Amit

    Dear Freinds,
    No doubt performance of Fiat Vehicles is very good, but Fiat India is spoiling the name of Fiat brand. I’m also the victim of same service issues with Fiat dealer, infact there is no dedicated dealer in Vadodara & vehicle delivery is from Bharuch.

    I’m the owner of Fiat Punto when i visited my Fiat dealer, i got the shocking reply from a person that”we are only responsible for Tata & Fiat is using our premises on rent, fiat representative will come & resolve your issue.I had spent whole day (saturday) for collecting whatever so called complimentary accessories, to be supplied with the new vehicle. There is only 1 person looking for Test ride/booking/delivery/service for the whole Vadodara.

    Freinds the preducted future of Punto & Linea is like Uno/Siena/Palio (totally vanished from markets)

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  16. raj tilak

    Hi All,

    To whom so ever it is concerned, Am Raj Tilak I bought a FIAT GRANDE PUNTO IN DEC 2010. My problems started when I have relocated to Pune.

    I have no clue why they have one service center in this big city.
    To Book an appointment for the car it takes 3 days of calling as no one bothers to answer the call. I have to call Mr mangesh to get an appointment done.
    Only way you can get the appointment is by calling Mr mangesh and escalating the issue out of some 20 to 30 calls, and 1 escalation you get an appointment.

    THIS WHAT HAPPENED (my over all experience)
    I have to get my cars 3rd servicing done in PUNE so I called the number to book an appointment, the lady in the reception was so rude in saying and in asking things, my problem is I don’t have time so I have asked for pick and drop which she said all the reps are busy and I could get the appointment only on Thursday19th july . Which I said I can get the car at 11 Am and she was so RUDE in saying that the car has to come to the service center by 9:30 else they can’t deliver the vehicle.

    I got the call on Thursday19th July and a person came at 11AM on Thursday and he delivered the vehicle to fiat at 12:30 PM, which I could have done happily (taking my vehicle at 11 AM)
    For which I was charged 350/- and the delivery happed on the next day at 4PM

    Problem during servicing
    1) Major problems are my car was hit by a stone underneath and I have taken the vehicle before a month, very easily they said nothing happed just engine guard was touching the engine and they done a quick fix which never lasted ever since that incident my vehicle was stared shacking so badly. Now during the servicing they say something is gone and they don’t have spare parts. (very easily ). What did you do when I have personally taken the vehicle you should have fixed that issue then and there itself.
    2) Power windows – there was an issue for about 8 months now, last time when I got the servicing done for AC they said they forgot and Mr Baber clearly mentioned that it’s a minor issue just some dirt has entered. Now they say something has gone wrong and again no spare part.
    3) Wiper blades – my Wiper blades vibrates badly when the wiper was in 2, 3mode, I requested to check during my servicing. Amazing results (1100/- was charged in the bill and the wiper shakes even more worse), when I asked for this the rep says even more easily get it here I will see what happen. ( My question was are you guys so irresponsible you don’t even bother to check if the vehicle is checked after a new wiper blades are fitted
    4) Cleaning – My car, I can bet no one even touched the vehicle with a cloth, so irritating guys, understandable if you don’t clean the car from outside as its raining, but inside was so horrible it was so dusty and there was dust even on the steering wheel, Common sense anyone driving at least they should feel good inside. When I asked for it Mr Rep says PMC has ordered not to clean for FIAT vehicles then I got the point since they asked not to use water they didn’t bother cleaning inside. ( Good Job ). Always looking out for excuses.

    When I saw the bill it was even worse as I was sent an invoice of 10,995.83
    Am going to scan this copy and send it to you please check the only difference between the paid and free servicing is 1000/- as told by your service advice.

    Last time I have done the servicing i.e., 2nd servicing is 4,800/- ,the only change here is they have added the brake pad of 2700+1100 (Wiper blades) which never worked. Am still not sure why so much for just servicing and so much waiting.
    Please do send me the survey, will definitely reply there.

    NOTE : Your Overall servicing was horrible am never going for any other FIAT vehicles this is it I have lately realized that more than vehicle its after sale servicing that counts. I will strictly advice all my friends never ever go for FIAT Guys, Thanks for the great work.

    Please stop asking customers to come to the service center every now and then, when the car is with you be care full and complete the work ( my car was with you for 2 days and you have done so pathetic job and immediately asking me to come to showroom for wiper, window and engine guard.

    Raj Tilak
    I got a call after may be a week from the servising team after several call and follow up and took my vehical for the second time and after 4 days of Servicing this is what i feel.


    Hi Raghunath,

    Fiat Grande Punto – The vehicle is still vibrating ( during start and stop , and also feeling the vibrations during the drive

    That’s after dropping the vehicle for the second time for 4 days ( 3 working days , 1 Sunday )

    Doesn’t want to argue with you guys any more ,but this is definitely not the way things are expected from FIAT

    If you don’t change the way your service center works, you might have to pay high consequence.

    Am planning to take the vehicle to Bangalore and get the servicing done there again.

    I haven’t received the survey which I usually get from FIAT YET even after a month of servicing.

    Note : All that was odne during the second time was
    1) Engine pulling right side – front right well has to swapped with front left so it was fine for few days and now that’s pulling left

    Great Work FIAT

    Raj Tilak

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  17. sameer rout

    sir,I have a punto 90hp since jan 2011,bearing no-OR 14v 9898.The riding is marvelous but sucking with the investment of another 14 thousand for hike of ground clearance against the invest.of 7.5 lacs.2nd big problem with riding in 15-20km speed the back not functioning properly &roll over/jumped on the bumps/pat holes with a DHAK…..sound in the back which is very very unpleasant with personal driving.

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  18. Birinder Singh

    I have a Fiat Punto car

    I had last serviced my car from Joshi Auto Zone Chandigarh on 14-08-2012 as a paid service on 44491 Kms and today on 31-08-2012 I have visited again because of some problem in shocker mounts as told by them after inspection. But they denied for warranty as they said the car got repaired from banarsi das automobiles Panchkula on 16-08-2012 on 40000 Kms.

    Now the point is this I have never visited any dealership between 14-08-2012 to 31-08-2012
    then how can they enter the warranty repair on my car on 16th, also with lesser KMs than 14-08-2012. So the entry is totally fraud.

    I have visited Banarsi das Automobiles today itself and they said the entry is with mistake and Mr Ramesh Bansal (GM Works of banarsi das automobiles) sais “this is a mistake by us but I can’t do anything you have to get your car repaired only from Banarsi Das Automobile and that too after 4 days as we don’t have required parts”. But this doesn’t seems a mistake as they have entered a lot of parts in it as told by Joshi Auto Zone(All parts of suspension and also both shockers). Now anybody can check my car that these parts are replaced or not as these kind of parts are never got replaced of my car.

    After harasing for whole day the result is zero as no other dealership can repair my car and banarsi das don’t have parts.

    Please take the required action….

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  19. Praful Wadhwa

    I hope this mail of mine is reaches the right ears.
    i don’t know why Fiat is in a joint venture with Tata.

    I planned to buy a Fiat Punto and went to Ashok Auto Sales 2 months back.
    I asked them for the Test Drive of the vehicle and they asked me 2 days.

    Then i did not hear back from them.
    Then i called them again and reminded still did not get any response.

    Its been 2 months the Dealer could not arrange for a Test Drive of Fiat.
    And you ask them for Tata car they will be on their toes.

    Again 1 week back i called them and asked for Test Drive still could not get a Test Drive.
    How would the sales of Fiat Cars go up.

    BAD BAD…

    BAD SERVICE…………..

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  20. K S Ravindiran

    I own a Punto – Emotion pack, Diesel, since July 2009 and am very happy with the vehicle performance in city driving and in highway too.

    I get excellent mileage and driving comfort.
    I have presently run close to 38000 kms.

    I happened to meet one of the ex Swift owners at Concord Motors, Injambakkam.
    When compared to Swift, he was also pleased with the vehicles performance and excellent driving comfort He also drives about 80 to 90 kms (two way) per day in Chennai city, to commute between residence and office.

    Ground clearance in my vehicle is less, which I believe has been increased in the newer models.
    About two years back, AC system had given problem; which was set right.

    About Service — Concord, Injambakkam, Chennai’s service is good.
    Mr Gurumurthy, at Concord, Injambakkam, Chennai is knowledgeable and very courteous.
    Other person’s competance may not be as good as that of Mr Gurumurthy’s.

    But I too agree with others views about service set up.
    FIAT is to do it seperately and not in tie up with Tata Motors.

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  23. Ranjith Kumar


    I own a Punto – Emotion pack, Diesel, since October 2009 and am very happy with the vehicle performance in city driving and in highway too.

    I get excellent mileage and driving comfort.
    I have presently run close to 30000 kms.

    Last week i observed that if i switch off my car also something is running and battery gets drained.Form service station Hyson Kochin they confirmed that ABS Controller is faulty and replacement is not covered in extended warranty.

    When i checked in websites ABS contrller is part of extended warranty.

    Pls help to replace the same in extended warranty.

    Ranjith Kumar — 09388472020.

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  24. jain

    dear mr. ranjith ,

    you may please write to fiat india

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  25. amjad khan.

    My FIAT PUNTO D requires replacement of AC coil and I personally inquired at the BUTA MOTORS the authorized dealer for the same. This is the only one service center opened recently which does not have a capacity to repair at least 10 cars at a time at Hyderabad. It does not have proper spares of the FIAT CARS and they themselves don’t know when they will procure and repair.It is said that it is a company policy NOT to issue counter sales of the spares if at all it is available. It is very unfortunate that the company which has assured the after sales prompt service of the FIAT CARS are unable to keep up to the word. World renowned and reputed company like FIAT IS causing severe problems to their customers in maintaining the cars as the spare parts are not made available in the open market and customers are made to suffer even for a small spare and depend on the only service center for thousands of vehicles in HYDERABAD. AP. Therefore it is earnestly requested to immediately research the ground reality and do the needful before it is too late.
    Hyderabad. AP.

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  26. Prashant pacharne

    Hello all me prashant pacharne trus and trevls in ahmednagar aaply for pkup and drop plz u r numbear

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